4 Things You Need To Know About Red Packets Printing

Do you ever receive some red packets that make you speechless? It was very dark colour mode and when I touched it, my fingers leave some gold powder. What are the important things need to know when making a red packet? We can discuss it from a few areas: design, materials, finishing and packaging.

1. Design of Red Packets

Any design can be put in red packets. A design related to Chinese New Year, Lion Dance, Mandarin Orange will be accepted by most people. Nowadays, corporate/ company will design their customised red packets. So a branding design of the company mixed with some CNY elements can be done too. Don’t forget to add some meaningful words: 福,吉祥,如意.. on your red packets design. Don’t put any irrelevant words.

2. Materials on Red Packets

Types of materials for red packets is increasing in these decades. Starting from a normal art paper, now you can find cloth paper material, thick paper (160gsm-200gsm) materials, rubber-coated paper, FSC paper etc. Any material can be accepted. Just caution that it should not happen colour fade on these printed red packets.

3. Finishing on Red Packets

There is many finishing can apply to this tiny limited space envelope. Hot stamping, emboss/ deboss, laser die-cut, spot UV, bead sequins, embroidery etc. Designers can play on these finishings and make the red packets more attractive and increase collection value. Remember these special finishings have to stick safely and present perfectly on red packets. We will feel annoying when a pinch of gold powder sticks on our fingers.

4. Packaging on Red Packets

Once the red packets are finished printed. It has to pack into a polybag/box jacket/silk pouch. The packaging depends on how the company want to present red packets set for the clients. Polybag is normal packaging for red packets. It can protect red packets from getting wet and dirty. Box Jacket & silk pouch are representing the dignity of premium customers and corporate themselves. The quantity of box jacket and silk pouch is not much, and they are limited edition. Thus the collection value is high in Collection markets. Please make sure the packaging can open easily without any tool.

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