5 Unique Calendars That You Should Get for 2021

For this Unique Calendars list, we did to feature solely brands & business owners with their creative ideas & production. The ideas of selling points each offer is unique and stunning . . . and even more than that, if you do decide to purchase any, your money is really make somebody’s day. And it’s the time of year for giving, so why not spend our money towards real people rather than massive corporations?

1. 2021 Creative Ins Wind Calendar Hanging Calendar

Image Credit: Shopee.sg

Shortlisted for China Good Design Award in 2017, designer Elekoo designs special calendars to let people know time is flying.

“You can’t own it, but you can use it. Once it disappears, it will never come back.”  When you use this calendar, you will know day by day, time is missing. And you can’t get it back. It’s very obvious what you are losing and what you have now. What to do? Just cherish the moment.

Dimensions: 53.2cm W x 78.2cm H x 2cm D

Price: $75.26~$79.64 | Where to get it: Click The Link Here

2. Perpetual Calender by Woodberg

Image Credit: Fortytwo.sg

How long can you use for your previous calendar? 1 year? 10 years? Want to find some multifunction purpose calendar? Ok, we heard that all.

This is a perpetual calendar. Means you can use it till the end of the world. All products are handmade, it’s made by top grade of beech, and looks simple and generous. Just move the slat to change dates. Each composition is unique. You can put a memo on the right place to remind you of important things; or it could be a cell phone holder as well.

Dimensions: 18.5cm W x 7.9cm H x 7.6cm D

Price: $94.90 | Where to get it: Click The Link Here

3. Wood Block Calendar: Eat Well, Live Well

Image Credit: 2bprinting.com.sg

For my best friend, a vegetarian + a great chef, what kind of calendar he/she will like? Em….

Eat Well, Live Well calendar features 12 fruits & vegetables illustration designs in each month. They print in vibrant colour format and have customised die-cut shape on each calendar card. It looks modern and simple. An additional handcrafted wooden stand is also available in either with logo or without logo.

Well, this may not completely satisfy her vegetarian recipes, I have a feeling this cute calendar with seasonal food in 2bprinting will remind my dear friend while choosing every food.

Dimensions: 14cm(W) x 19.3cm(H) x 4cm(D)

Price: $20 | Where to get it: Click The Link Here

4. Today Is Going to Be a Great Day! Page-A-Day Calendar 2021

Image Credit: Amazon.sg

Page-A-Day calendars still boast the best. Bringing together energetic, authoritative content; hundreds of gorgeous full-color photographs and illustrations; and themes that speak to people’s passions, Page-A-Day calendars are superstars, year after year.

A celebration of pure positivity, Today Is Going to Be a Great Day! combines an affirmation, quote, or uplifting message with original art by one of over 30 contemporary illustrators. The full-colour graphics and exquisite hand-lettering bring the words—No rain, no flowersEnjoy where you are nowStrength in sensitivity—brilliantly to life. The pages are designed to be torn off and pinned to the wall, creating a gallery of inspiration and beauty.

Dimensions: 15cm W x 15cm H x 3.5cm D

Price: $32 | Where to get it: Click The Link Here

5. World of Tea: Teabag Advent Calendar

Image Credit: t2tea.com

Born and brewed in Melbourne, Australia, TEA TOO T2 has turned a tiny tea shop into a global brewing force. With the colourful and elegant design, the Tea Bag Advent Calendar is suitable as a Christmas Gift or New Year Gift. And also as a special gift for tea lovers.

Sip and sample your way through 24 teas as you countdown to the most jolly day of the year! Open up and explore old favourites, new friends and scrumptious festive numbers guaranteed to make your daily cup full of flavour, intrigue and discovery!

Dimensions: 30.5cm W x 41.5cm H x 3.5cm D

Price: $40 | Where to get it: Click The Link Here

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