Introduction of 2B Printing Year-end Gift Set

Every December is the most wonderful month for 2B Printing, because we are giving out our annual gifts to our valued customers. For the past few months, our team has been working hard on the Year-end gift sets; from designing the products, selecting the right materials, matching the best colors, developing the structure with precise measurement, sourcing for perfect packaging to protect the items inside and to ensure the gifts are handled to our customers’ hands in good shape. We did our best to give what our customers deserved. Our gift set is a premium and unique, which includes a calendar notebook, red packets, Christmas card, bookmark and a bottle of honey with label.
There are 5 things you need to know about our gift set, and hopefully you can use it on your products and present it to your own valued customers:

1.Fluorescent Pink

First, let’s take a look at the red packets. The special pink was printed on a good contrast background and it is perfectly matched. What’s so special about this pink? This is something you need to try out! What you have to do is to turn off the light and place the red packets under the UV light. Wow…amazing… The fluorescent pink is glowing!!! The year 2022 is the year of the tiger, we use fluorescent pink to make the tiger look alive and lively on the red packets.

2. Die Cutting

Second, it is about the calendar notebook. Yes, it is a notebook, but it can be a desk calendar too. The secret is hidden on its back. What you need to do is to fold the die-cut to make it stand. It can be done in just 2 simple steps. 1… 2… Tada! There you go, a desk calendar is formed! Next, remove calendar from the perforation line and turned it into a calendar card, and you can insert the calendar card into the cover of the notebook. Your special desk calendar notebook for the Year 2022 is ready to use!

3. Unique Running Numbers

Third, we want to show you the lucky numbers on the red packets. All these running numbers created by our SMART DESIGN software are different, none of them is repeated. Therefore, each person who received our red packet has their own unique number. We called it “Variable Data Printing”. The Variable Data concept can be applied in different ways, for example, creating different graphic images with a set of design elements and etc.

4. Personalised Names

Next, we have printed the labels with different customers’ names for the gift box. This is the way we want to make our valued customers feel special and respectful. We know there will be a demand for personalized printing service in the future, and the future is now. Everyone loves to be unique, unique in a beautiful way; hence, providing our customers with a unique experience by tailoring to their needs and preferences is the only way to go.

5. Transparent Card

Finally, we added a little bookmark in the gift set. As you can see, it was printed on the transparent PVC material. The material is much more durable than normal card material; suitable for day to day use. It’s lightweight, waterproof, eye-catching and presentable. In addition, we hope that this little bookmark will remind our customers about our brand when they use it every day.

If you wish to know more about the printing features above, feel free to write us an email:


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