Non-Disclosure Agreement.


If you need help or require access for signing NDA, please send email to



1. When is it required to have an NDA?

1.1.  Before the clients or any 2B Printing employee discloses any company or other confidential information to any other party.


2. The clients need a new NDA between clients’ organization and 2B Printing. What do the clients need to do?

2.1.  The clients may contact for a copy of NDA.


3. What if the clients require 2B Printing to use the clients’ NDA template?

3.1.  The clients may contact and email the NDA for 2B Printing review.


4. What if the clients’ template is only a one-way (protection) document only?

4.1.  In most instances, a mutual NDA format will be required to protect both party’s confidential information. If it is only one-way protection, 2B Printing will likely reject the NDA and counter propose a two-way (mutual) protection document.