Paper Stocks.

In printing, selecting the right paper stock is crucial to ensure the success and quality of the final product. Different paper stocks offer unique characteristics that can enhance the visual appeal and overall impression of printed materials. When selecting a paper stock for printing, consider factors such as the desired look and feel, budget, printing method (offset, digital, etc.), and the intended use of the printed materials. By choosing the right paper stock, you can deliver outstanding results that align with your business needs and preferences.

Frosted Plastic Card

A translucent, smooth-surfaced plastic stock with a frosted appearance, commonly used for business cards, ID cards and promotional purposes.


Micro White PET

A white, thin, and durable polyester film stock often used for packaging, labels, and graphics applications.


Conqueror Laid

A premium, textured paper stock known for its distinctive horizontal lines, ideal for elegant stationery and high-end print materials.


Koehler Matt

A matte-coated paper stock offered by Koehler with a smooth finish, suitable for high-quality printing applications.


Toile M

A medium-weight, textured cardstock with a distinctive woven pattern, often used for premium stationery and creative projects.


Stardream Quartz

A shimmering and iridescent paper stock with a subtle sparkle, popular for elegant invitations, cards, and upscale print projects.


Brown Kraft

A rugged, uncoated paperboard with a natural brown hue, favored for its eco-friendly appeal in various crafting, packaging, and printing applications.


Conqueror Wove

A creative paper in various shades of white and cream colours combines outstanding print quality with the soft, warm touch of an authentic wove, perfect for your corporate communications and professional documents.


GQ Offset

A premium-grade, smooth, and uncoated paper stock favored for high-quality printing applications, such as magazines, brochures, and marketing collateral.


Art Card

A smooth, coated paper stock specifically designed for vibrant printing and used in various applications, including greeting cards, postcards, and promotional materials.

230gsm, 260gsm, 310gsm, 360gsm


Spectrum Black

A heavy-weight, rich black colored cardstock, ideal for adding elegance and sophistication to various creative projects, invitations, and presentations.


Woodfree Sticker

A non-coated, wood pulp-free adhesive-backed paper sticker, perfect for dry surface, writing purpose and economic.

White PP Sticker

A white polypropylene film sticker with a matt surface, suitable for cosmetic product, toiletry and beverage with moisture resistance.

White PET Sticker

A white polyester film sticker with a subtle gloss surface, providing excellent durability and heat resistance, ideal for cosmetic product, toiletry and beverage with moisture resistance.

Mirrorkote Sticker

A glossy-coated paper sticker with a reflective surface, commonly used for eye-catching and vibrant stickers and labels, ideal for any flat surfaces(paper, plastic, glass and metal), dry surface and economic.

Transparent PET Sticker

A clear, polyester film sticker with a see-through finish, perfect for cosmetic product, health/beauty product, food packaging, bottle, glass and window.

Gloss Silver PP Sticker

A shiny silver polypropylene film sticker with a reflective and eye-catching surface for premium stickers and labels, ideal for asset/identification, warning info label, product instruction, electrical appliance and service labels.