Customised Red Packet

Customised red packets, also known as ang pows or hongbao, are a traditional and symbolic way to convey good wishes, prosperity, and blessings during special occasions and celebrations, especially in Asian cultures. Our Customised Red Packets Printing Service is designed to provide you with high-quality, customizable red packets that not only preserve this cherished tradition but also effectively convey your personal or brand message with elegance and style. Customise your red packets to meet your exact needs. Choose from various sizes, designs, colors, patterns, materials, and finishing options to create red packets that align perfectly with your event or brand.

5pcs/pack (Default), 8pcs/pack & 10pcs/pack

Lead Time:
Printing: 10-15 Working Days
Delivery: 1 Working Day


Red Packet Artwork Template

MP101 (Illustrator file)

MP103 (Illustrator file)

MP104 (Illustrator file)


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